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The Augurey or Irish Phoenix is a rather slim and mournful looking bird, akin in appearance to a small and underfed vulture. Its feathers are greenish black and repel ink and it possesses a sharp beak with which it catches its primary prey: various insects and the occasional fairy. The Augury prefers to hunt in the rain and is intensely shy, making its tear-shaped nest in thorn and bramble bushes.

Native to Great Britain and Ireland, it is occasionally found in Northern Europe where, like in Great Britain and Ireland, it is seen rather negatively due to the long held idea that it foretells death with its rather mournful cry.

It has since been proven that the Augurey cry merely foretells the weather - singing when it is set to rain for example. This has led to some Wixes keeping them as a kind of living barometer to predict the weather, however this modern viewpoints gives none of the fun of the old view which once led to Uric the Oddball believing himself a ghost and trying to walk through walls, giving himself a not inconsiderable concussion. 


Image One - A female Augurey, kept by the British Ministry of Magic

Image Two - An adult male Augurey, kept by the Ministry of the Irish Republic

(Information for the caption came from the HPWikia)

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AUGUREY (also known as Irish Phoenix)

M.O.M Classification: XX

The Augurey is a native of Britain and Ireland, though sometimes found elsewhere in northern Europe… once believed to foretell death… Patient research eventually revealed, however, that the Augurey merely sings at the approach of rain. 

- Scamnder Newt, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Obscurus books (2001) 

Well, this got out of hand a bit O_o

This challenge was a bit more up my street than the last I have to say.

But when I saw it I immediately ran to my copy of Beasts to do some - ahem - research. I’ve got a soft spot for the Augurey, the OC I used to RP as having one as a pet. They’re also Irish and described as Vulture like, an animal I will always associate with my foundation. There really was no choice in the matter!

Pompey is a favourite Hound from “The Missing Three-Quarter”. 

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